After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) is a PTA volunteer-run program that offers our students after school enrichment classes. ASEP classes held in 3 sessions – Fall/Winter/Spring.
ASEP Chair Time Requirement – Begins in August and lasts the school year. Busy times the few weeks prior to each session. This Chair is a voting member of the PTA board and attends monthly board meetings.
Summary of Responsibilities:
1. Work with vendors and teachers to determine classes offered.
2. Coordinate with MTES staff regarding class schedules and space for classes.
3. Work with the website vendor to update ASEP catalog on the ASEP portal.
4. Coordinate all marketing materials and distribution for classes offered.
5. Manage all interactions with providers and instructors.
6. Ensure the school has the appropriate information prior to the start of each session (rosters, meeting spaces, fact sheets, dismissal information, etc)
7. Recruit parents to volunteer the check-in/check-out of students 8.Manage daily supervision of the program, including: attendance, issue resolution, etc.
Parent Volunteer Opportunity – Volunteer to check-in/check-out students for an entire session of ASEP one day a week and receive a free session class!