Fiction #1: "Madison's Trust PTA will be fine without my help - they've got lots of people!"
FACT: Madison's Trust PTA wants to build a strong tradition of enriching our children's learning experience with many programs and events. But, did you know these events are planned and organized by parents who are willing to volunteer their time and talents?
Fiction #2: "I can't volunteer if I work or have other children at home."
FACT: Most committee roles involve work that can be done according to your schedule and only some roles require you to be present at a specific time for a specific event. So, even if you have other children at home, if you work full or part time, if you have kids in different schools or if you are a stay-at-home parent, there is a role that works with your schedule!
Fiction #3: "I need special skills or qualifications to be on a committee."
FACT: The only qualification to be on a committee is to have a desire to contribute to your child's school. That's it! No special experience or talents are required!