Additional donations to the MTES PTA are welcome and are tax deductible!

All funds directly benefit the students at Madison’s Trust through classroom and technology resource materials, school beautification projects, library enhancements, and much more! We truly appreciate your support. THANK YOU!
Please note:  Donations do not include your annual PTA membership dues.
1-Donation - Macaw Level, $25
Receive a Thank You in Weekly Macaw Report and Madison's Trust pencil
2-Donation - Bronze Level, $50
Macaw Level benefits plus a Madison's Trust car magnet
3-Donation - Silver Level, $100
Bronze Level benefits plus a Madison's Trust drawstring bag
4-Donation - Gold Level, $200
Silver Level benefits plus student pizza party with Principal Stewart at the end of the year
Visit our school store to purchase a PTA Membership, and to additionally donate directly to the school! 
If your company would like to make a donation beyond what is listed above, or become a sponsor, please contact our VP of Fundraising