OCTOBER 2 - 20
A Fundraiser We Can Be Proud Of!  
Raise Craze is an online fundraising platform centered on kindness. During this fundraiser, our students will be serving others while raising money for our school.
No pledges, no selling--just kindness!
Here’s How It Works
REGISTER     my.raisecraze.com/A2Z8H4
ACTS OF KINDNESS     Students select at least 3 ways to pay it forward.
ENTER EMAILS      Students enter email addresses of friends and family.
Raise Craze will take it from there sending all emails, reminders, and thank yous. Students can spend time serving instead of selling! Have fun spreading kindness!
Raise Craze Flyers: 
Raise Craze Student Letter
Raise Craze Parent Letter
25 Acts of Kindness
Raise Craze Incentives