Madison's Trust PTA Needs You!

The MTES PTA is run entirely by volunteers and therefore we are always in need of people to help out with different events and activities. Without volunteers, we would not be able to run all of the events and fundraisers throughout the year.  The funds raised are used to support the needs of MTES including providing wonderful opportunities for our students.  
We know this year will look different in terms of volunteer needs.  We will post updated needs on this page and on our social media. 
Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you!
Contact the MTES Volunteer Chair to become involved!  


Typical volunteer needs 

(subject to change due to covid-19.)

Dulles Food Pantry - need 1 volunteer each Wednesday around 10/10:30 AM to help transport food - sign up here!

Library Makerspace Stations- sign up here!

Front Office Help - sign up here!

Teacher's Lounge Treats - sign up here!

Events Committees - Contact VP of Events

Sponsorship & Donations Committee - solicit sponsorships, writing thank you notes, delivering incentives to donors and sponsors, serve as sponsor POC, working with event sponsors - Contact VP of Fundraising

Mascot Committee - wear the Max the Macaw costume and show your school spirit!!! - Contact MTES Volunteer Chair

Communications Committee - update social media, work with principal to communicate information to parents, work with event committees and other program leaders to get the word out

Lunch Helpers to put together flatware packets and open milk and ketchup packets for Kindergarteners (10:15 AM every day) - No need to sign up, just come to the school to help!